Productive Work Spaces 

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Our light, modern and collaborative interior creates a perfect space for professionals to work in. Access is 24/7 with WIFI and power included. Our professionals range from environmental planners, public relations consultants, photographers, engineers, council contractors, to lawyers - so conversation is never boring! Make friends, be productive and have fun while working. 

Modern Meeting Rooms 

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Kapiti Collective meeting rooms are the perfect professional space to meet clients, or bring together colleagues for a project. Equipped with modern technology and a kitchen with a coffee machine - this is your next step to impress!

I always have the most efficient and productive days at the Collective. I love the environment and the company. Thanks for having me!
Lovely facilities, sunny and warm in the heart of Paraparaumu Beach. Friendly place to work with everything you need and a great chance to network with other Kapiti self-employed locals. Thanks Jacinda and Hannah, I’ll be back!

“Love this place! Great people and a comfortable, trendy space to get stuff done.”

I love working at Kapiti Collective! It’s a great space, gives me a friendly and professional place to base my business from, and I’ve met (and collaborated with!) some fantastic people that I wouldn’t have met without joining.
Friendly work environment close to shops and restaurants. Lovely beach area to relax and have a quick walk during breaks
Nice facility, friendly helpful people. Would use again
— Crown Worldwide