Faces of Kapiti Collective: Slava Yakovlev

This month I caught up with Kapiti Collective Coworker, Slava Yakovlev, a Salesforce Technical Consultant from Adept Group in Auckland. Slava and I actually used to work together in a former life at a technology company!

If you have wondered what the people are like that work from Kapiti Collective, this quick Q&A should give you some fun insight into the great personalities we would alongside.

Slava Yakovlev at Kapiti Collective

Tell me a a bit about the company you work for

Adept group is a New Zealand based company. Adept are business consulting and integration specialists, and Salesforce certified partners. Adept experts are helping organisations to solve their business and technology challenges and strive to build value-driven, trusted partnerships with our clients.

What you do outside of work?

My best interests are outside of the house where my family can enjoy nature offerings such as fishing and tramping.

Tell us something not many people know about you

Since I work in IT all my older relatives think I fix computers. Numerous explanations about my real profession lead to "There is a thing on my computer, can you fix it..."

Your favourite movie or book?

The Lord of the rings and the Hobbit movies still remain my favourites. The Stephen King's "Dark Tower" novel is my fav book (a series of books), although not too impressed with the ending.

Why did you choose to live in Kapiti? And your favourite thing about it.

We have moved from Auckland a few years ago seeking an affordable property with the commutable distance to potential employment. After reviewing Wellington's surroundings Kapiti came on top by offering what we wanted in our lifestyle. Things like the beach, the sun, less wind (than Wellington), less rain (than Auckland).

Favourite country you have travelled to?

Vietnam!!! Cruising and witnessing the scenery of Halong Bay is amazing. Vietnamese food... Could not have enough of it.

Why you choose to work from Kapiti Collective?

Recently I have begun working on a remote project. The original idea was to work from home, however, being regularly distracted by the young family members made my work more difficult. Having Kapiti Collective only a few minutes away became the resolution.

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